PEMEX Explosion in Guadalajara

Gasoline had been leaking from a PEMEX pipe into the sewers of Guadalajara for at least 24 hours prior to the explosion. Reports of the gasoline being smelt and complaints about its effects had only resulted in firefighters removing gratings to provide the gas with a means of dissipation.

At about 10:30am on April 22nd, 1992 the first of at least nine explosions occurred in the SE of the city, levelling twenty blocks, killing more than 206, injuring more than 1500, resulting in trenches a mile long matching the sewer system and craters fifty five yards wide.


The PEMEX LPG terminal explosion in Mexico City involved the same company.


Monitoring of a system is not limited to the direct stakeholders, and if the complaints of the residents had been investigated the incident may have been avoided.