Kianga No. 1 Mine Explosion

An example of the overlap of efficiency and safety concerns in safety-critical systems.

The Moura district in Queensland had a number of mining disasters over the period of 1975 through 1994. Between the explosions in the Kianga No. 1, Moura No. 2, and Moura No. 4 mines, there were 36 fatalities.

An explosion in Kianga No. 1 Mines at approximately 5:00pm on September 20th, 1975 claimed the lives of thirteen miners.

The thirteen miners were attempting to seal off a heating caused by the spontaneous combustion of the seam which had not been extracted to its full height.

The dangers of coal are not limited to getting it out of the ground, as can be seen in the Armi Tunnel stall.


Sometimes the issue of efficiency can overlap with safety-criticality, and thus needs to be considered during analysis.