Controlled Descent into the Florida Everglades 1972

In December 1972 a Lockheed Tristar attempted to lower its landing gear on its approach to Miami Airport in Florida. Failed bulb filaments indicated to the aircrew that the landing gear had failed to lower, and being unable to check bulbs the engineer was sent to check on the landing gear itself.

During this time the pilot inadventently disengaged the altitude hold function through a touch of the control stick. The aircraft slowly descended into the Florida Everglades, 99 of 176 onboard were killed.

The airport traffic controller failed to ask what was happening on the aircraft. The psychology behind the situation arose from the calm voice of the pilot convincing the traffic controller that everything must have been under control, and the general fear of telling a pilot how to fly his aircraft.


The same area has also seen a Valujet crash into the Florida Everglades.