"Black Box", "Blaze" and "Crash" by Nicholas Faith

Nicholas Faith has written three books of particular interest to Savive: "Black Box", "Blaze" and "Crash".

Black Box

"Black Box" "Black Box" provides practical insight into incident investigation in the aviation industry and in particular the psychological aspects of being a "Tin-kicker".

Amongst the many case studies written up are the controlled descent into the Florida Everglades in 1972, and the Flight 123 crash.


"Blaze" also addresses incident investigation in the context of particular case studies, but dealing with, as the name suggests, fire.

Crash: The Limits of Car Safety

"Crash" focusses on the automotive industry and discusses how the technology and social acceptability of accidents has changed over time.


When compared with other books addressing a large number of incident investigations, the books of Nicholas Faith present a more comprehensive view of how the issues relate to society in general.