Thales ATM

A client of Savive in the domain of air-traffic management.

One client of Savive is Thales ATM (

Thales ATM provides integrated systems addressing all phases of air traffic, providing for surveillance, efficient management and security of air traffic.

Amongst the products of Thales ATM is EUROCAT-X, the Australian regional version of the worldwide air traffic management system EUROCAT.

Savive was hired by Thales ATM to provide training focussed on the hazard identification and risk assessment portions of the course "Safe Systems: Procure, Analyse, Develop, Operate".

Savive was also hired to provide consultancy services on the safety management and safety engineering to be carried out in the EUROCAT-X project.


Thales ATM received a customised training course with particular emphasis on examples from the domain of air traffic control.