Savive Pty. Ltd.

An Australian provider of services for safety-critical and other high integrity systems.

Savive is an independent provider of consulting services and training courses to clients who procure, analyse, develop and/or operate systems which may be safety-critical or safety-related, or need to be of high integrity.

Clients of Savive work in industries including aviation, rail, defence, traffic control, education, process control, telecommunications, ordnance, and power generation and distribution, often involving highly integrated or complex systems or systems of systems.

Savive focusses on functional, system and product safety, their overlap with other disciplines such as occupational health and safety, human factors, reliability, availability and maintainability, and their efficient integration with high integrity systems engineering and software engineering.

Customers are supported through Savive performing, facilitating or providing education on:


Having a duty of care and a moral obligation to produce an acceptably safe system.

Needing to comply with safety standards and regulatory requirements.

Wanting to avoid failures, mishaps and accidents, and the resulting prevent harm to people, property and the environment.


Early in the life cycle, when modifications to requirements, architecture and design can be implemented more easily.

Before needing to demonstrate compliance, or attempting to achieve certification, approval and acceptance.


If you are unfamiliar with the Savive web site, the guidebook may prove useful.