+SAFE - a Safety Extension to CMMI

An extension to the Capability Maturity Model Integration addressing system safety through two additional Process Areas.

The Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) in Australia is using the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) to improve its acquisition and maintenance of software intensive systems. However, since safety is only covered in the informative sections of the CMMI, appraisals and process improvement may inadequately address the specialised needs relating to safety-critical systems.

As a result, the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) and the Software Verification Research Centre (SVRC) developed "+SAFE - A Safety Extension to CMMI" in the style of CMMI, adding two Process Areas.

The Process Area "Safety Management" contains the following three Specific Goals.

  • SG 1 Develop Safety Plans
  • SG 2 Monitor Safety Incidents
  • SG 3 Manage Safety-related Suppliers

The Process Area "Safety Engineering" contains the following five Specific Goals.

  • SG 1 Identify Hazards, Accidents and Sources of Hazards
  • SG 2 Analyse Hazards and Perform Risk Assessment
  • SG 3 Define and Maintain Safety Requirements
  • SG 4 Design for Safety
  • SG 5 Support Safety Acceptance

Appraisals on procurers, contractors and subcontractors, both inside and outside Australia, have resulted in positive feedback and a widening range of organisations using and/or accepting the model, which has correspondingly undergone a number of improvements.

Savive can help organisations that are using +SAFE (also referred to as CMMI+SAFE when combined with the CMMI) including preparing for an appraisal or by supplying appraisal team members.


Savive personnel include Mark Bofinger, the author of version 1.0 of +SAFE.


Boeing Australia Limited in preparing for and performing appraisals.