Hazard Log

A hazard log is one mechanism for documenting the current state of a system with regards to safety. It is a living document that lists the hazards, the mechanisms by which they occur, the mitigations that either have been or are to be implemented to make the hazard acceptably safe, and the risk assessment of each hazard.

The hazard log need not be the primary means of communicating the nature of hazards to personnel such as the operators of a system. In some cases, the hazard log may be more focussed on providing information to procurers and developers and a variety of mechanisms such as toolbox talks and warning signs may be used to ensure that personnel are made and remain aware of relevant hazards.


Although a hazard log is not a requirement of all safety standards, it is widely used due to the benefits gained from having one, and often collates much of the supporting evidence upon which the safety case is built.