Installation and Commissioning

The role of installation and commissioning in the procurement, analysis, development and operation of safety-critical systems

Although engineering a system to meet the safety requirements is vital to the safety of a system, improper installation or commissioning can also lead to problems.

Even though a system may have been throroughly tested in the factory, improper installation may cause a range of failures, and the installation or commissioning itself may involve hazards to the personnel carrying out those activities.

Commissioning of a system must also be considered, including handover from existing systems and backup procedures.

Def(Aust) 5679 "The Procurement Of Computer-based Safety Critical Systems" makes only three requirements relating to installation: that it is planned, that a hazard analysis addresses installation, and that safety requirements which may be affected by the installation are tested.


The Apollo 13 explosion was a result of a tested component being improperly installed.


The loss from the London Ambulance dispatch failure may have been lessened if the commissioning procedure had dealt with the failure of the system.


The Operating and Support Hazard Analysis task of MIL-STD-882C "System Safety Program Requirements".