Monitoring and Incident Reporting

Monitoring a system in use can be a part of the duty of care of an organisation. In some cases, this is achieved by developers by providing the customer with a monitoring system or ensure that the customer already has one in place.

If the system begins to be used outside of its operational envelope, then the safety requirements may be invalidated, the safety case may be based upon false premises, and the system may no longer be acceptably safe.

The operation of a system may also result in the identification of additional failure modes and new hazards (even if no modifications are made), requiring additional safety analysis to be performed to see if the system is still acceptably safe.

One of the important aspects of monitoring a system in use is to have an incident reporting mechanism which governs the reporting, recording, acting on and closing out of incidents.


Taking note of the complaints from residents could have prevented the PEMEX sewer explosion in Guadalajara.


Monitoring, and acting upon, reports of the Therac-25 mistreatment may have reduced the number of incidents.