Procurement, Contracting and Subcontracting

Procurement, contracting and subcontracting aspects of safety-critical systems analysis, development and operation

Procurement, contracting and subcontracting safety-critical system analysis, development, and operation must involve defining and pursuing the roles and responsibilities of all of the stakeholders in the process, including the procurer, the prime contractor and any subcontractors.

Some of the more complex issues that must be dealt with in safety contract management are those where a subsystem is being procured. In such cases, hazard identification and risk analysis usually involve a range of stakeholders through mechanisms such as system safety working groups.

Many problems occur when the limits of the contractual duties and duty of care of various stakeholders have become confused.


Because the Westralia fire may have been avoided with a clearer understanding of responsibility for impact analysis.


Integration/Management of Associate Contractors, Subcontractors, and Architect and Engineering Firms task of MIL-STD-882C "System Safety Program Requirements".