Savive Personnel: Mark Bofinger

Dr. Mark Bofinger is the managing director of Savive.

Before joining Savive, Mark Bofinger worked in the areas of safety engineering, safety management and verification and validation (V and V) on projects including:

  • the NULKA active missile decoy for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN),
  • the Hong Kong railway for Foxboro Australia,
  • smelter automation for Comalco,
  • an adaptive traffic control system for the New South Wales (NSW) Road Traffic Authority (RTA), and
  • a variety of projects for the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO).

Mark Bofinger was also one of the developers of +SAFE - A Safety Extension to CMMI, and has worked in research and teaching at several Australian universities.


Mark Bofinger, more commonly known as "Bof", also makes regular appearances for the Savive touch football team.