Training with Savive

Training in safety-critical systems, safety standards and testing of complex systems.

Savive offers the following basic and advanced sessional training courses on a range of subjects relating to safety-critical and other high integrity systems.

Each of the training courses can be customised to meet your professional development plan, educational needs or competency requirements, including using standards and case studies from relevant domains, basing examples and exercises on a current, past or future project of your organisation, and emphasising or omitting the teaching of particular topics.

Learning can be done in large classes through to individual instruction, supervision, mentoring and coaching at any stage of a career.

Training can also be given in combination with related consulting services to ensure that skills can be put into practice and/or abilities put to the test immediately.


The University of Queensland appointed Mark Bofinger as an Industry Fellow to teach students the system safety portion of their Masters of Systems Engineering.


Savive can also develop new courses in its areas of expertise, providing an even greater level of tailoring to the needs of your organisations.


Each of the longers course is composed of a number of modules which makes it possible to deliver shorter and more focussed training to selected audiences.