Course: "Testing Complex Systems"


The three day course "Testing Complex Systems" addresses the full life cycle of testing, a large number of techniques, supporting and relating activities.

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for those wishing:

  • to gain a wide understanding of the scope, techniques and issues relating to testing of complex systems;
  • to formalise or to improve processes for testing; or
  • to ensure a common basis of understanding of testing amonst test, systems, hardware and software teams.


This course contains sessions on topics including the following.

  • White-box testing techniques such as statement coverage, path coverage, and the modified condition decision coverage (MCDC) required by Software Level A of RTCA/DO-178B "Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification"
  • Black-box testing techniques such as functional analysis testing and cause-effect graph testing
  • Testing of specific types of systems or subsystems such as state-transition testing and syntax testing
  • Testing with a particular focus such as load testing and performance testing
  • The impact of design upon testability
  • Supporting disciplines including configuration management and documentation as they relate to testing.